Zen Refuge

The common area of an apartment in Seremban is intended to be a peaceful refuge after a long day of work, since the client travels back and forth Kuala Lumpur to their office. The clients prefer a minimal clutter free home, which in a way reduces their post work fatigue.

Henceforth, the main components of this interior are a combination of textured stucco white walls along with the warm tone of white oak veneer. The design language of the living area cabinetry is replicated at the kitchen cabinets to visually enlarge the space by having seamless design styles. White Carrara marble is introduced as the kitchen counter top due to the porous properties which ages gracefully after long usage, giving it a wabi sabi element.

The furniture is kept to a minimum, where the modular low sofa is the main character of the interior with soft grey fabric, and the dining area is in a circular position to enhance communication during meal time, or when the clients host a small-scale party. Looking into the position of the windows in this interior, there is not much natural light coming in. Therefore, artificial lighting is introduced mostly in the kitchen and dining area with dimmable switch so clients can opt for a brighter space for working or more ambient environment during dining and relaxing.

The Concept Board: Zen Refuge

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