Retreat House

This holiday retreat house for a family of four is designed with a getaway from the hustle and bustle of a city in mind. Combining the existing architecture of a traditional Malay kampung house along with the minimalistic character and ambience of a Mediterranean retreat house, the spaces are designed to be of ease for the users, visually and practically.

The lower ground is allocated as the public area, where the living, dining, kitchen, as well as entertainment area is placed. The space planning is straightforward, with the common spaces such as living, kitchen and dining is in at the right wing, and the entertainment space in the left. These two spaces are connected by a tunnel hallway, where the owner wanted a space to keep his prized possessions.

The upper ground is reserved for private spaces, where the bedrooms are located. Two master suites are given the priority to be front facing as they have the best views one can offer from the plot. Since the guest rooms are L shaped, the space is designed to maximise the number of pax in the area while keeping privacy to both sections, with a mini common area inside.

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