Powder Room

This minimal luxury powder room main idea is to clash two socially polarising materials to create harmony. It draws inspiration from “The Incredibles”, wherein in one scene, Mr Incredibles went through a hallway with flowing lava to Syndrome’s lair.

Henceforth, the polished opulence of a deep red Rosso Levanto marble is juxtaposed with the rough and brute nature of concrete, creating this chaotic balance ambience to space. Accents of brass sanitary ware are dotted around the area to act as a bridge for the two materials.

Considering the space to lack natural light, lighting is crucial to illuminate the space while maintaining the moody lavish ambience. Therefore, indirect lighting is introduced to the space, with light trough at the top and bottom of the marble cladded wall. The sharp spotlight and wall scones are used to illuminate the highlight of the space; i.e the vanity area.

The Concept Board: Roughed Up Opulence

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