Bachelor’s Pad

This 900sf apartment in Subang Jaya is fitted out to be a young bachelor’s pad who loves to entertain guests in his house.
He has a knack for cooking as well as working on art projects in his leisure time.

His love for a fusion between the roughness of brutalist design, chicness of modern French interior as well as the Zen that comes from Japanese interior is translated through the whole apartment.

The flooring is kept minimal to a simple cement render and the walls and ceiling are kept to a minimal warm white. The doors and skirting are detailed out in a modern manner to clash and balance out the pared-back architectural design of the house.

The kitchen is the heart of this particular house, considering it will be the area where he spends his time the most. Therefore, the kitchen is designed specifically for his needs for cooking and easy cleaning, as well as ample storage for food pantry and kitchen appliances.

The client requested for a Zen bedroom, since it is his sanctuary after a long day at work. Therefore, the finishes are kept to a clean minimum of ash veneer as well as low bed height to enhance the height of the otherwise small room.

The Concept Board: Masculine Chic

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